It all started in our garage, in a blue house here in North Portland. It was an experiment more than anything. Could we actually build a community from something so small? Could we build on something so simple?

We always wondered if the grassroots approach still worked. If the garage could be a gateway into something more. To the idea that fitness and family go hand in hand, that people are more valuable than profit, and that there should always be someone to pick you up when you fall.

For us, health and fitness is more than just CrossFit. It’s a family. Starting in our garage reminded us just that, and 3 years later we have a slightly larger family, but our values remain the same; humility, hard work and connection.





I embrace feedback, I seek to understand and I never avoid what must be said. 



I pay attention to the details, I embrace long term habits and I put in the work over time.



I am part of a community, a family even, I am honest and I believe together we go further.

The reason we believe health and fitness shouldn’t be a privilege, but accessible and approachable to everyone, is because that is exactly how we were invited in. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our first coach Aush Chapman, helping us gain access to this world of CrossFit. The methodology is proven, it truly creates the fittest people on Earth, and fitness is a super power to extend your quality of life and resilience for the uncertainty ahead.

CrossFit is our foundation to build health & fitness, which means we use constantly varied, functional movements and high intensity to help you meet your goals. Don’t worry, intensity just means keeping the stimulus in every workout so you’re always making progress. The beautiful thing about this type of workout is we can scale to meet you where you are.

Fitness looks different for everyone, there is no one size fits all and progress won’t happen overnight. We focus on every member’s individual goals, by creating a bespoke program that establishes long-term habits, founded on how you sleep, eat, move, recover and ultimately manage your time.

Being approachable means a community you can see yourself in, and that’s been a huge focus for us this past year as we continue on our journey to make everyone feel welcome to take that first step. We also know the barrier of time and money getting in the way of progress. We offer a variety of memberships and intensives that help us meet you where you are.

If you want to better yourself and your community here in North Portland, and you share our values of hard work, humility and connection, then we are here to serve you.