Julie Hale

2 years at Blue House Fitness

I'm Julie Hale and I'm 35 years old. My husband was searching for a gym online and found Blue House Fitness and he asked if I would I go with him... and I said no. He asked quite a few more times, and I said I'll try one Saturday class, and if I don't lik...

Maurice Cowley

2 years at Blue House Fitness

I'm Maurice, I'm 38. Initially, I got into CrossFit because my wife was looking to start working out. We live about 2 miles from here my wife checked it out and joined. A couple weeks later, I joined after I had worked out on a Saturday when they had a co...

Danielle Tung

2 years at Blue House Fitness

I'm 43 from Michigan. I first joined the Blue House Fitness in January 2018. My husband decided to join and I was like "I'll  join with you". I'd watched other people losing weight and changing their life though CrossFit and I thought... maybe that will ...

Daniel Ribero

1.5 years at Blue House Fitness

I am 42yrs old. When I first started coming here, I had a lot of my own barriers about what I could handle.. and what felt good. I would see every little muscle ache and discomfort as.. woah...let's stop and pause everything and take a step back.While I w...

Miguel Moreno

3 years at Blue House Fitness

I'm 22 yrs old. I was born here in Portland, but I grew up in Mexico. I found CrossFit through this gym, Blue House. I was actually hanging out with a friend across the street in the park and I saw how they were working out inside and I was curious about ...

Nate Streib

3 years at Blue House Fitness

I am 46 years old and I am from Washington. A friend invited me to Blue house Fitness. I showed up and I've been here ever since. I was looking for the garage... and they were there. The thing that has keep me most motivated has been mental. I have strugg...

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