Blue House Weekly Updates, 10/30/23

Class Level Ups

We have received great feedback from many of you about our member recognition wall. If you haven’t seen them yet, we have patches placed out for everyone who has hit 100 or 300 classes. For those of you with 500 classes and above, special patches and prizes will be here soon.

At the start of every month, we’ll announce who leveled up their class attendance and celebrate all that amazing consistency. Keep it up!!

Blue House Accessory Programming

Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Introducing Blue House Accessory Programming. Designed to address your areas of weakness, improve performance and prevent injuries. These programs are meant to be done with your current class training plan, and will take 15-30 mins, 3x/week. We have training tracks for Aerobic Capacity, Gymnastics and Weightlifting. Priced at $35/month, this service will accelerate your training and results, and help improve your overall standing in the CrossFit Open.

Interested in signing up? DM or email for more information.

Blue House Scholarship Fund

Thank you all for your continued support of our community Scholarship Fund. Our very own H.U.G committee (Help Us Grow) selected three new recipients to receive subsidized memberships over the next 3 months.

These scholarships are made possible through you! 100% of all late cancellation fees are funneled to the scholarship fund, and matched by Blue House to help fund community members in financial need. Thank you for your continued support.

P.S- did you need to cancel a reservation for an emergency, illness, bad night sleep etc? Email or Slack us and we’ll make sure you aren’t charged! No questions asked, ever.